Examples of different website design layouts.

Website design is something that should be personal, professional and above all else, get your brand’s message across. Don’t outsource this to India. We are real professionals helping business owners get their beautiful website design online!

Creating a website that is ascetically appealing, fast loading and has the functionality needed for your business is our goal. There are many companies out there offering website design services. Very few go into the specific needs of customers. They need the design to be functional for their needs, appealing and fast loading to offer an exceptional user experience. Website visitors want to be able to find the information they want easily. They want to be able to connect with the business representatives on the site they are on. They want purchasing to be a passive experience. We take all of this into mind when we are in the process of building your customized website.

Our Web Design Process Is Different

Website design is a process.

When we begin working with a client our singular goal is to understand their needs. Once a clear understanding of the goals and requirements of the website have been determined NS Technologies then builds a road map for development. This gives the client a timeline and full understanding of the process of each step of developing the website they desire. The new project site is developed in a sandbox or test environment. This means if there is an existing website, it will not be effected during the new website design project.

Part of the initial concept development is brainstorming from the mind set of a website visitor. This new perspective gives many customers a different angle to help create a wonderful end product that will be sure to impress. This also provides an easy to understand layout that allows visitors to find what they want quickly and boost conversions and engagement on site. Website design and usability features drive sales and built trust with potential and existing customers.

Our Previous Projects

ACA Video Remote Interpreting – This company offers american sign language services via video. Their website has many dynamic aspects that are visual. Using live online chat and contact forms, new customers have a variety of ways to reach out to the company to utilize their services. See it live : https://acavideoremoteinterpreting.com

Loving In Home Pet Care – This site if for a local in home pet care provider. Slideshows and fun graphics make this a perfect site for pet loves. The call to action areas, help pet owners find the information they need to get the pet care they are looking for when they are away. See it live : https://lovinginhomepetcare.com

Wilkerson Floors – This company offers a huge variety of high quality flooring services, specializing in hardwood floor installation and hardwood floor refinishing. By implementing an online catalog of product, visitors can now browse flooring options from the comfort of their homes. See it live: https://wilkersonfloors.com

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