Are Google My Business Listings The New SEO For Service Companies?

Google My Business may be the new SEO for local businesses and small businesses image shows map and text of the same

First lets discuss a little bit of history surrounding Google My Business. The current platform that you may know by this name has actually been through 3 different iterations. Google has been working on a way to corner the market on the old style business directory listing for many years now. This tool for businesses of all sizes to display their company and brand through a Google controlled online property was first called Google Places. Then came Google Maps, which has not gone away, but was another way for you to feed Google information about your company in hopes of getting found. Then came along Google+ which of course was dissolved earlier this year. The point is that Google knew this was a goldmine for businesses and they just had to find a way to print their own money in the process.

Google My Business is a free platform that allows companies to list all the important facts about their company and then be found in “mostly” locally relevant searches. Commonly referred to as GMB listings, these free to setup listing can bring in a huge amount of business to companies who understand, implement and feed Google what it wants to find favorable listings. This is where things get tricky for many small business owners. If there are 3 painters in your town, the odds are you will get found rather easily in the GMB or Maps 3 pack as it is called in the industry. This is the section right below the first set of paid ads, where companies are listed with a link to a map and their website, with their Google reviews showing right there.

Now, on the other hand, lets assume there are 50 painters in your area. How likely do you think you are to be found now?

This is where SEO crosses over and comes into play when you are trying to get your phone to ring from your GMB listings. There are a huge amounts of factors that come into play for Google to choose who to show first when there are many valid listings for one service type in a local market. Of course, one of most obvious is the Google reviews for this company. Who has more? who has better ratings? Unfortunately, there is so much more to it than that.

Even With GMB Listings Google Search Continues To Get More Complicated

google my business logo

At first glance, from a user standpoint, this really is a nice addition to a search. Just imaging if you go to a different town or even a different country. You want to get a yummy taco and you don’t know where to go. Now you can simply type or speak a search like “where are the best tacos near me” into Google and you will get the information you need. You can see images of the food from local restaurants, the average price, how late they are open, if they deliver and even driving directions. This is almost like magic, I will admit. However, from the business owners standpoint, a few bad reviews and their business could be toast!

The nature of Google and the most prevalent information that this search engine chooses to display is constantly changing. The search algorithm changes. The way search results are displayed changes. Even the type of search results content that is displayed to a web surfer is always in motion. Google has kept its search engine results pages or (SERPS) very clean for many years. However, today there are more images, more cards and a variety of content besides simple text based search results showing up. Of course, on the SERPS you must also account for a growing number of paid ads that are now taking up every inch above the fold on mobile searches.

Why All The SERPS Changes Google?

Google will never change their answer to this question. They will always, until the end of time, state that they are trying to make a better user experience. The real question is for who? For the user searching or the user that is paying for the ads that are clogging up search results today? They are a huge corporation and they must answer to investors. This in mind, we get it. They have to continue to produce new and growing revenue streams. Their paid search has long been their largest stream of income.

Why Are Google My Business Listings So Important?

With the changes to the search engine results pages, Google My Business listing have a very prominent display on these pages. With more ads showing before organic search results, rich snippets showing answers in the search results and now with the new Google ad format for “Google Guaranteed” service providers showing at the top of the first page search results it is harder and harder to get noticed. However, that all mighty google 3 Pack really stands out. Not only does it stand out, but buyers know that these are not paid listings. This translates to trust. Think about it, if a company can buy their way into a position, how valid to you believe them to be? If they same company shows in the 3 pack and has great reviews, you are not sitting in the most revered position on the Google search platform.

Most people do not consider what you may have done to get your website showing in organic results, they just know that the other guys are paying to get displayed. With this simple insight, the 3 pack becomes so much more valuable than organic search results in the text only results listings. This is very important for any service based business. If you sell products, this may not carry as much weight, but is still rather important.

The simple fact that people are no longer picking up the phone book to find the providers of services that they need is nothing new. The fact that searching online has now become the absolute first solution for most American’s should let you know that your listing with a phone number on Google is like having a half page ad in the yellow pages 15 years ago. Most websites still struggle to get visitors to call. When it comes to calls, people are more likely to call directly from a listing on Google. It may be the assumed level of trust or it may be that people that need a certain service fast simple don’t have time to read through different websites before calling. The only thing that we know, is being listed on Google’s home page makes the phone ring all the time for businesses that are listed there.

How Can I Get My Company Listed In Google My Business?

It is actually very simple. All you need to do is go to

You will need a Google account to setup your business here. This is where you can start to build out your company profile. You will be asked for a variety of information. As you fill out the profile you should be very careful to assure all your business info is accurate. This information is what will be displayed on Google. There are quite a few options and you should take you time and fill out as much as you can about your business.

Do You Need Help Getting Your Business To Show In The Google 3 Pack?

NS Technologies offers a variety of services to help local businesses get more exposure, traffic and business. Google My Business listings are one of the most valuable ways to grow your business and acquire new customers. We have a full arsenal of methods to get new businesses ranked fast in the Google My Business 3-pack and boost businesses who are already trying to find their way to the top. If your service company is struggling to get results from Google organic results, stop! Fill out the form below and lets start growing your business together today.

7 Tips for Local Business Owners – Get More Calls, Clicks and Customers From Google

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Description automatically generated

The information here is not fluff, it is real world actionable steps to get more calls, clicks and customers for your business from raised visibility in local Google search results.

Every small business has different needs. However, from 2020 and beyond your business must be found online for you to succeed. People no longer pickup the phone book to find service providers or the products they need. They are picking up their phone and searching using text or even voice inquiries. These queries on mobile phones can either show your business or your competitors’ business. So, lets get to work and make sure it is yours!

Getting found on sites like Google, YouTube and Facebook are more important now than ever before. There are many ways to get traffic on social media and video sites. However, we will be focusing on getting business from local google listings in this guide.

In this guide you will find some of the most effective things you can do as a business owner to get more phone calls, more customers and more “mind share” in your local area. There are many other factors that can really boost your efforts, but this is a great start to getting your listing showing up on Google maps, Google search and the almighty Local 3 Pack in local search results.

Enough chit chat lets dig into the actual methods that are going to put more money in your pocket.

Nick Simpson
Owner – NS Technologies

Let’s Start with The Google Local 3-Pack

This is one of the most sought-after search positions on Google today. Get listed here, get instant customer trust, show off your reviews, get a link to your site and show customers your phone number on mobile or desktop search! This is where you want your business to show, period.

Historically there were more listing in this area and now most of the time you will only see 3 local businesses listed for most any search term like you will see on the right side below.

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

#1 Create A Google (Google My Business) Listing

This is a free listing that Google offers to all business owners. It shows your phone number, hours, physical address, links directly to your website and more. You can even update posts to your listings that SHOW DIRECTLY IN SEARCH RESULTS!

What does a GMB listing look like?

Here is our listing, very simply but gets plenty of attention from our customers when searching a variety of related terms to the services we offer.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

You really do not want to do anything else if you have not gotten this in place first. It is a fairly simple process to get your listing live.

Setup GMB Listing

  1. Go to:
  2. From here you will need to sign into a Gmail/Google account.
  3. Now you can provide your business info to fill out your listing. Be sure to fill out as much information as possible including business hours if applicable.
  4. You will have to have the big G send you a postcard to verify your listing before it goes live.
  5. When the post card is received, enter your confirmation code and your listing will be live soon!

#2 Update Your GMB Frequently

Just like blog or website content, Google really does favor business listing that offer frequent updates. This can be a special offer to lure in new business or simply an update that links to content back on your site. No matter what it is, we suggest at least 2 updates a week so that your listing on search always has a little something extra showing. Currently these updates expire and no longer show after 5 days.

#3 Photos, Photos, Photos

Not only are people very visual and having great images of products, services or locations can give your customers an insight into what you do and possibly even show what you do better than your competition, but these are also magnets for you location.

Make sure to use photos that you took with your cell phone or a camera that embeds GEO Tags (geographic location tags) into the images. This puts further emphasis on your local ranking for the area that the images are from. Google looks at these little meta tags on photos to validate that your images are where you say your business is and where your business operates.

So, use this to your advantage, upload images on a schedule and make sure to use photos that further reinforce your location to gain favor in Google 3-Pack listings. Get creative, take photos of yourself at other local places surrounding you listing to get more data points in your favor. Do not forget to ask your customers and clients to do the same. Some people are happy to upload their own images of your locations or services you have provided and let’s be honest, your business would only receive more trust through the “social proof” these will add as well!

Don’t forget businesses in most categories can add videos too!

#4 Local Citations Using Exact NAP

NAP or Name, Address and Phone Number has joined the industry lingo party in recent years. One way our agency has found huge success in boosting our client’s listings is through consistently building Google’s trust of a location, by obtaining citations on other authority sites.

This can be time consuming and not the most fun thing to do, but if done properly this can bump your listing into visibility or to the top of the Google Local Business 3-Pack.

Sites to Pursue NAP Listings

  10. Etc.

There are literally hundreds of these sites and depending on what industry you are in there are certainly many more industry specific sites like these that can help skyrocket your visibility, website traffic and business.

Secret Sauce: Many people go out there and get listing, but if this is not done correctly, it can actually hurt your listing on Google search.

You must be incredibly careful that your NAP is listed on all other sites exactly as it is on your GMB listing.

If your phone number is like 555-555-555 on one site and (555) 555-5555 on another, this is no good.

If you list Suite #3 on one site and STE 4 on another site, this is not good. Do this right and you will be rewarded by the Google gods!

#5 Earn Reviews – Ask For Reviews

Either way you need em.

You need people reviewing your business with good review or bad reviews. All a bad review is, is the opportunity for your customer service skills to shine in a publicly visible way. Respond to every review, thank people for reviews, discuss your other services in you reviews (these keywords count), and most all address problems in a polite and timely manner in your reviews.

As your reviews grow, you will find out what customers like, what they do not, and this should guide your business. People are so much more likely to go to a business with many reviews. So, go out do the legwork and get some.

NS Technologies uses a few different digital tools to make sure all our customers have a steady stream of positive reviews coming in, if you would like to learn more about what we are doing, please contact us.

#6 Easy Search Phrase Wins

Not that you should always focus on low hanging fruit, but in many cases, it is the easiest and most profitable place to start. Inside of your GMB listed, it is critical that you list out all your services and provide thoughtful and detailed descriptions when you can. These phrases will automatically rank well. Especially if they are congruent with the categories you choose for your business under the “info” section of your listing.

Yes, I said categories. Many small businesses list the business in one category. This will only limit your exposure. Find as many valid categories to connect your listing with as you possibly can. It is highly likely if Google approves the category listings you will be getting traffic from search terms surrounding these categories.

You may have to try many different terms to see which all may be valid for your service type but keep looking…each you add will turn into phone calls, clicks and new business.

#7 Download The App

You can still get lots of traction from your listing without this. However, if you have an active listing and customers have questions, this is a must. When you download the Google My Business app, this will turn on the “message” button on your listing where now customers can chat with you directly and you will receive notifications on your mobile phone.

This creates for a fantastic customer experience if you are prompt at replying and certainly can boost sales and conversions when online searchers can access you directly without the need to give up their private email. Think about it, the barrier to entry is almost zero. This gives you access to a chat feature with customers even before they hit your website. Think about how powerful this can be as a sales tool for your business!

We hope you enjoyed the tips we shared here.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information and tips at our website and we do offer services that help grow business leads and revenue if you are looking for professional assistance please consider contacting NS Technologies.

Don’t forget….

That’s right, get a complete website audit and find areas of your website that can be fixed to boost SEO, GMB listing display and more.

Download, Share, Save For Later?

Want To Save This For Later? Download the PDF of this complete guide below.

Want To Research Google My Business Categories? Download the complete list of GMB categories below.

Why Use A SEO Agency Instead of Doing It Yourself?

Image of seo agency at work, servicing springfield il and jacksonville il

If you need some SEO work done, you may be beginning the process of figuring out who should do it. If you are a great writer or you have some staff that are, you may be tempted to complete your SEO jobs all by yourself. However, the truth is that a SEO agency is the best way to go in many cases. In this article, you will explore the benefits of using a SEO agency rather than just doing it yourself. You will find out some of the benefits that leveraging the experience and expensive software that an SEO agency has access to. SEO agencies have resources and skills that your company needs, not to mention the cost benefits of choosing an agency. Let’s get started and check out the main benefits of working with an agency.

No Substitute for Experience

No matter how much you know about search engine optimization there is simply no substitute for the experience that SEO agencies have. Agencies are full of experts who have helped countless other businesses reach their SEO goals and needs. They know what it takes and they are prepared to help you achieve it. Using an SEO expert takes the guesswork out of the ranking process. Their experience is priceless and it can help your business get to the next level and reach your marketing goals. The internet and the online marketing world are constantly changing. SEO agencies are up to date with these changes, as well as previous tried and true methods. SEO agencies are committed to helping you every step of the way, using their knowledge and experience to support your company.

Resources, Resources, Resources

The many tools an seo agency will use to produce proven results for businesses.
SEO Task Can Become Very Complicated and May Need To Use Multiple Paid Tools.

An SEO agency also has expensive resources that you cannot replicate or recreate. No matter what your business does, a SEO agency is prepared to give you the best possible marketing material and optimize your content. Many SEO agencies also offer other marketing services, which means that you can find all of your needs in one place. SEO agencies are built to provide you with the best possible output from their efforts. This means that they have grammar verification technology, SEO verification software and rank tracking tools. These companies usually have connections in many other areas of industry allowing them to offer custom solutions you would not have access to otherwise. Nowadays, there is plenty of competition for the top spot on any search engine. Using professional services

That means you need a professional agency to help get your business to the top. This doesn’t just include one job, it includes a multi-faceted approach to search engine optimization. Different tools are used to complete different SEO-related jobs. Rather than scrambling to figure out or purchase each of these tools- you can trust an agency that already has them and knows how to use them. There can be rather steep learning curves on some of these industry specific applications. Why waste the time and money when you can get access to these at a fraction of the cost?

Check Out the Results

SEO services can be easy to track, and you will be able to check out the real-time results of the agency’s work. The goal of the agency is to increase traffic to your business, provide more search engine exposure for your business and boost visibility to your business products or services. One of the best parts about these services is that the results are easily verifiable! When you work with a SEO agency, you can keep track of the results of their work. A good SEO agency will even provide you with regular reports to see the effect of their efforts. Checking these reports will easily show how much exposure has grown since the SEO work has begun. This is especially important if you are considering several different agencies, or if you want to see the differences between doing SEO yourself and using an agency.

SEO Agency Or Self SEO Conclusion

In conclusion, there are so many different types of businesses that need SEO services. SEO agencies are prepared to help each and every one of them. Agencies are full of skilled professional writers, well-versed in the latest SEO abilities that can help your business achieve what it needs to. Outsourcing your SEO work may feel unnecessary or cumbersome, but the truth is that it will take a weight off your business’ shoulders and actually give you some unbelievable results.

Using proven results getting techniques and the ability to scale your PPC, SEO and social marketing campaigns; an agency really does make sense. However, if you are looking for ways to start growing your website traffic using seo tactics yourself, our blog here is a great resource.

Contact Us For Professional SEO Agency Services

Website Rankings Mixed Content and SSL Certificates 101

SSL Certificates and mixed content can hurt your rankings. Image of padlock, credit cards and laptop.

There has been a lot of discussion in the SEO world for the past few years surrounding SSL certifications, Mixed Content and how this effects web site ranking in search algorithms. There is no doubt this has become a stronger ranking factor than ever before and Google has been sending the signals for years.

Adding a SSL certificate and making sure there is no mixed content on the domain will certainly produce positive ranking results for your website. It has been tested and proven over and over. Now is the time to secure your website using and SSL certificate and create a secure environment for your visitors to enjoy your content and purchase your products and services free of fear. Every website needs and SSL, you can now acquire free SSL’s on most any server using the free service provided by

What Is An SSL Certificate?

Websites without ssl certificates and mixed content certainly loose out on ranking benefits.
Secure Your Website With A SSL For Better User Experience And SEO Ranking Benefits.

An SSL or Secure Socket Layer is what makes online transactions secure. Using encryption from on location to the other the information while in transit cannot be captured by those with harm in mind. Your bank, your email provider and many other online eCommerce web sites have been using this security measure to keep your information safe for years. These are configured on the server side and this is what puts that little padlock icon in your address bar next to the url of the website you are currently browsing.

This technology has been required in some financial and medical fields for years, but today, you simply must have an SSL certificate to look legitimate online.

Learn more about SSL Certificates here:

Google often makes changes to its ranking factors to force the majority of the web to make changes to make the internet a better place for all. Years back, Google made a statement that if in rankings, there was in effect a “tie” they would move the website that had an SSL to the top if other factors were too hard to differentiate. Today, there is more motivation than that. Now on Chrome, you will find a full page message popping up warning you of insecure content and asking the user if they want to proceed. In some cases, there is simply a notification saying “Not Secure” in the address bar of browser, either way this does not look good for any business. Now, if you want people to take your website seriously, you “have” to have a secure certificate installed on your web server.

Does Having A SSL Certificate & No Mixed Content Really Boost Rankings?

OK, let’s do a quick experiment. Go to Google, leave this page open of course, and search anything you can think of. Now look at the results. What do you see? In most every search you run on google today you are going to have to dig down into the pages past 10 to find a website that is now ranking without an SSL. This is all you need to know, you simply have to have no mixed content and ssl certificates in place if you want Google to take you seriously in 2020 and beyond.

All the big name blogging tools only allow for HTTPS content these days, so that is not an issue. The big problem is web site owners who did not want to pay extra for this security measure in years past. It is time to make the change…NOW!

Having a valid SSL certificate and mixed content not being an issue, you will certainly find higher rankings and not be penalized in search results. For businesses that are just now starting a new website, this is not as much of an issue, but if you have yet to update your site there is absolutely no excuse to leaving your old site vulnerable to security issues and penalization’s in your web sites rankings.

What Is Mixed Content?

This term has been thrown around quite a lot recently. All mixed content means is that your page has both secure and insecure content on it. Rather this content is a link to http address instead of a https address or if there is an image that is loading on your page from an insecure http URL, it all counts. The object of the SSL is to make sure that everything on the page is indeed secure. This is why web browsers all them the authority to show the lock icon to let the user know that their personal information is being protected.

When there is insecure content present, this throws a red flag in every which direction. Many times even though you have applied a secure certificate properly the webpage will not show as secure. If you start off a new website hosted on a secure environment, this will be less of an issue. Most people find this issue when they are migrating an existing site from HTTP to HTTPS.

How Can I Find And Fix Mixed Content On My Website?

Image of woodworking tools, talking about using tools to fix mixed content errors on your website.
We have a tools list below that will help you solve your mixed content issues for free.

Great question. There are many paid tools out there that have an option to look through your web site for mixed content and provide reports so you can then fix these types of issues. However, you certainly do not have to spend any money to find your onsite issues to do with mixed content and SSL certificates. The hardest part is finding mixed content, if you have recently added a SSL secure certificate to your website, there may still be some lingering links and image files not covered by the certificate and may still be loading from HTTP instead of HTTPS. This content is not considered to be secure and until it is corrected, you may as well not even have a secure certificate on your site.

So finding the culprits is half the battle. Many urls will be updated automatically assuming your have made changes to the install directory and site directory inside of WordPress to the secure URL. However, any links you have created manually may not be fixed and this can cause the mixed content issues discussed previously. Post content and links added manually to headers, footers and sidebars may be holding you back from getting that pretty little padlock to let people know your site is secure.

5 Free Websites To Locate Mixed Content On Your Website

Each of these tools have slightly different features to check on secure content and help you flush out all that nasty mixed content on your site. Some will scan the site, some only scan one page, but they are all free, so go play and enjoy!

Or Try This Free Chrome Extension : HTTPS Mixed Content Locator

A Padlock In The Browser Is Worth A Thousand Words

Chrome secure padlock icon showing that the site is indeed secure. This means there is no mixed content and ssl certificates errors or issues.
Does your website show the secure website padlock? It’s time to fix that with SSL.

Well, maybe not, but we like to think so. If you have your SSL and mixed content is not an issue on your website, this does provide real security for user information and financial transactions. This also is a confidence booster to the person visiting your website. If you continue to struggle with correcting mixed content issues, you may reach out to your host or you can always drop us a line too!

Once you have fixed mixed content and ssl certificates issues found on your site, this is going to boost confidence in visitors and in Google’s eyes. We hope the information we shared in this article helps you move on with your new secure HTTPS website and start ranking higher today!

Need Help With Other Onsite of Offsite SEO Services?

We can help! If you need help cleaning up mixed content, making sure your SSL certificate is valid or other on site SEO, just drop us a line below. NS Technologies offers a variety of digital marketing and search engine optimization services. We specialize in local GMB rankings and can even help you create a beautiful and functional website to help your company bring in more leads and sales. Contact us below and let us know how we may best serve your company’s needs.

Free Hoodie Give Away – Enter To Win NS Technologies Swag

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Well, it is getting to be that time of the year that many of us call “hoodie weather” and this for many is their favorite time of year. NS Technologies thought that this would be the perfect time to give our customers, fans, and followers a chance to grab some free swag. This is the first give-a-way in a series of freebies we will be running. So hoodie season it is, then a Free Hoodie is the freebie.

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This Free Hoodie Contest Is Just The Beginning…

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Free Tool That Helps You Get More Facebook Likes

Facebook likes image

Wish your Facebook page had more facebook likes? Every business is looking for a way to get more bang for the buck. When a company starts to build their brand on Facebook, it can be a slow process to get facebook likes on your page and grow your initial following until you hit the critical mass that it takes to start growing organically without paid content. There are many features that are locked to Facebook business pages until they hit certain “Like” counts and of course the larger the page following the bigger the audience is that will see your posts without paying to boost posts or other types of paid promotion. In this post, I am going to tell you a secret to help you get more facebook likes for free!

The methods we discuss in this post to get more facebook likes are actual tactics we utilize to build a crazy page following for our customers who use our social media management services. We are glad to pull the curtains back and share what we can to help any business owner who prefers to maintain their brand and reputation management in house. Please feel free to comment at the end with any questions you may have and our team will try to address them.

First Lets Talk About Creating Viral Traffic On Facebook

Create Viral Facebook Posts - Get More Facebook Likes For Free
Create Your Own Viral Posts For More Facebook Likes

If you have an active Facebook page and your posts frequently get many shares and likes, you can skip this step. The method described below could help boost engagement on any Facebook page but is necessary for pages that are new or do not have high engagement rates already.

There really is no magic bullet when it comes to creating a viral post. I mean, after all, many of the most popular viral posts on social media are animals doing something stupid. How do you grow your business with that? Well, you don’t. You can always go find popular posts on different sites and share them back on Facebook, this is a very time-consuming method. You can keep shooting from the hip until you find a winner. Again not really suggested.

The content does not have to have thousands of shares and likes to work with this secret way to get more Facebook likes for free, but the more popular it is, the better results you will be sure to get. In effect we are going to “borrow” some trust from a post we generate to make it highly enticing to a visitor to like your facebook page, even if they don’t know your company name!

Proven Method To Create Your Own Viral Content (step 1 to getting more facebook likes):

  • Setup a few free Google Alerts. ( )
  • Use tags or searches that are about your business or industry, go wide and narrow in scope, it’s free so play around to find the best content.
  • This will give you a daily email of highly popular content surrounding your niche.
  • You want to focus on things that strike an emotion in the content in these emails. Something that is new, something that will change in your industry soon or a shocking or heartfelt story. Emotional stories are the ones people want to share with their friends or like so people think they are behind the same idea or connected to it in some way. This is what you really need to make a go of this and really pull in huge amounts of facebook likes.
  • Share some posts linking to the winning content you find in your Google Alert emails.
  • Make sure the post has great images. People are very visual and great images will stop them from scrolling.
  • Say something awesome about it and make sure you are not trying to promote yourself, but the content instead.
  • For killer branding, use a pro tool like to put your company branding on the webpages you share, even if you don’t own the websites!
  • Now you just watch to see which posts start to get traction with your existing followers.
  • So at this point, you hopefully are getting lots of shares and some new facebook likes on your post.
  • When we do this for client we usually take this one step further by putting small ad budget behind the post like $20 spread over 10 days, not required, but will drive some real-world results and many more facebook likes to the post.
  • For maximum results boost the post that is getting the most attention, target it to “Followers and their friends” and you are off to the races. This will produce plenty of likes and shares because you have already proven the results with this audience.

Let The Magic Begin & Maybe A Facebook Marketing Secret?

This may be more common knowledge than I think. However, if you are not doing this, you will soon have an “Aha” moment for sure when it comes to getting bonus Facebook likes with very little effort. Now that you have a post getting real attention, it is time to not just look at the likes and shares, but see how we can gain something of value for our efforts. To do this start by finding your best post, looking down at the bottom where the like count is, and clicking on it. When you click the like count, you will see a window pop up, it shows everybody who liked your post. Now, if they have not also liked your facebook page, there is a button there to allow you to invite them. If your post is on target, when you invite these folks, you should be getting a fair share of page likes from the soon to be loyal fans.

For some, this may be enough. You now have a great layout to forge a post that is likely to draw attention and get some good engagement and a way to turn that engagement into real followers who are very interested in what you have to share. However, if you do this right, you will soon notice how painful it is to keep up with sending out these “Facebook likes: invitations. That is right where this amazing little FREE tool comes into play. You don’t have to scroll and click your way to success here. Let this free tool do the heavy lifting for you.

Grab This Free Tool & Get More Facebook Likes For Free

Sorry to be so long-winded, we are finally getting to the actual free tool that is going to help you get more facebook likes for free. This tool installs as an extension on the Chrome web browser. So go grab Chrome for free if you aren’t already using it, then follow click below to go to the Chrome Web Store to add the facebook likes inviter for free.

This tool is really straight forward and easy to use. When you have the list of people who like your post open, just click its icon at the top right of chrome to start it. Make sure to read the directions and do not use facebook while it is running just to be safe. This tool can go through thousands of people liking your post, invite those who do not already like your page and it does it all completely hands-free.

What If I Don’t Have Any Facebook Followers At All?

In this case, you certainly need to send off an invite to your business page to all of your friends on Facebook to start. This should produce some instant likes to get the ball rolling, so to speak. Next, if you join some Facebook groups of like-minded people (paying attention to all the group’s rules) you may be able to send a direct message to members or even post in the group asking people to help you out by following your new page.

Running a paid Facebook ad can get your page likes. However, from our experience, this can be a very expensive endeavor if you are starting from zero. People like to like pages that others already have. Not many people are excited about following a page that has 3 followers unless you are making a generous and ethical bribe of some sort. So for new page facebook likes, you may want to come up with something out of the box and give your target audience a reason to fall in love with your business.

Need Help Growing Your Facebook Following or Getting More Facebook Likes?

We are always here to help. Free free to reach out to us using the contact form below. We would love to have an opportunity to help you expand your social reach and grow your online brand on Facebook and start getting more facebook likes!

Free Yahoo Local Business Listing and Citation How-To Guide

Grab Your Free Yahoo Business Listing
Get Your Free Yahoo Local Business Listing To Show Up On Maps Like This one.
Get Your free Yahoo local business listing

Today I wanted to share a bit of information about how any local company can acquire a legitimate and free Yahoo local business listing on at absolutely no cost. Their age-old human-curated directory is not what it used to be, but you can still get some valuable traffic to your local business website and you do not have to pay to play.

There are paid options, but if you are simply trying to build out as many local citations for your company as you can, I will outline a way to get listed for absolutely free.

I am not sure you can call Yahoo! a search giant these days. Their company has been through many ups and downs through recent years, mostly downs. However, they still hold a huge amount of search volume that your company can benefit from, even though the G dwarfs them. I have seen these listings bump other organic search results from websites too. This means you can get your brick and mortar store showing on maps and elevate your Yahoo! search visibility by just investing a few minutes of your time to grab your free Yahoo local business listing.

The “local business” part of Yahoo! has changed hands a few times through the years, but currently, it is in the hands of Yext. So if you see this name on pages we refer to below, don’t worry you are at the right place.

How to Claim a Free Yahoo Local Business Listing & Citation:

  1. Go ahead and log into a Yahoo! account first.
  2. Click on this link: to get started.
  3. Add all your company info and then click “Find My Listings”.
  4. You should now see a “powered by Yext” screen appear and on this page you will see all sorts of error messages saying your listings are not showing anywhere on the web (in some cases even when you really are) which makes us wonder why a company of this size would use false scare tactics to reel in customers? Anyhow, click the next or continue button on this page.
  5. You will now be prompted to enter the full business information for the Free Yahoo local business listing here, NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) are obviously the most important, but it always suggested to use your GMB (Google My Business) listing as a reference to make sure your free Yahoo local business listing citations are congruent. Again click the next/continue button to proceed.
  6. You will now be presented with a sales page, you will even see a paid listing in Yahoo, but you don’t need to do that if you are after a free listing. Simply scroll a bit until you see a link below that says “Claim your Basic Listing only on Yahoo” and click this.
  7. This page looks like a standard checkout page, but you will notice that the amount due is zero and you are not required to add a payment method.
  8. You will receive an email shortly from Yext to the business email address you have previously listed.
  9. And if you are close to the business phone you listed, it will be rining soon too. You can talk to the sales rep about other listings, but you really just need to let them know you only want to verify the listing you added or verify your listing through the Yext console you can now log into and that is it!

Now you have your account setup, your free Yahoo local business Listing is verified and can come back to edit as needed. Enjoy your free Yahoo! local business listing and if you are trying to build your visibility in your local market, keep reading our blog to learn more about GMB, local citations and getting more maps listing across the web right here.

Need help growing your local business website traffic, listings or brand? Contact us today and let’s see how we may be able to partner together to build something amazing!

Is Your Online Sales Funnel Broken?

Springfield IL Digital Marketing Agency - Sales Funnel Description Awareness Interest Decision Action

Many online businesses struggle with understanding how they can create a logical flow of web site visitors to right part of their web site at the right time. I must admit, this does not come like second nature to anybody, it simply must be learned. The good news is that we all start at the same place, the beginning. So that being said, keep reading and learn more about how you can create a successful sales funnel on your existing website and start targeting consumers in the right stage of the buying cycle to boost your own conversions.

Customer Buying Cycle – How To Focus Your Sales Funnel

There are 3 different stages in the purchasing process and we have all been through this cycle more times than we can count, even if we were not aware of it while it happened. Understanding this buyer mindset, is essential if you want to create a successful sales campaign, funnel or even advertisement. You may have different landing pages, content to share, email lists and offerings for each, so make sure you understand what keywords and content you are targeting and match it to these different phases to assure that you are getting the most out of your digital sales funnel or advertising dollar.

You will find the same information broken down many different, yet similar ways. If you have seen a research, decision and purchase then you already know where I am going and in fact, many people break down the discovery phase itself into 3 smaller sub-categories. For simplicity’s sake, I have chosen a direct and easy to understand 3 piece breakdown.

Discovery (Awareness)

Hey, a few years ago, nobody has ever heard of an iPhone, but you know what? As people discovered it, they started comparing it to other old style phones and its popularity went through the roof in no time at all. This is where all buying phases start. This is where “branding” or advertising just to let people know that you and your product or service exist is important. Many smaller companies struggle here unfortunately. This is because the return on investment is not as easy to track and in most every case is very delayed.

Understanding your market and being able to position yourself as the leader in a niche is important, but for new marketers and inexperienced online entrepreneurs, it may be worth skipping spending much time and effort here until you have become profitable in the next two phases.

Note: This is where you focus on letting people know about your product or service and why they may need such a product or service.


In fact, many websites are nothing but comparison shopping portals. Add three similar items, compare specs side by site, user reviews and most important to many, price. The same thing happens on search engines every day. People search for “best widget”, “cheapest widget” or “model number widget” to compare what they are looking for and find the one with the best features, price or user reviews. This can be a goldmine for companies and online businesses that offer something that is superior in any of the previously mentioned categories or others.

This is where you can really win over customers that are on the fence about your product or purchasing at all. This is where most people focus and in many cases is about the only area that some marketers are aware of. Strangely enough, there are many other factors that lead to a sale and there are times before and after this phase that can really attribute to the final purchase. If you have special features a dominant price, low for some consumers, but higher may draw people looking for the best quality; you can very well rule in this space.

Note: This is where you focus on what makes your product or service better or at least different from the others on the market today.


The final purchase can actually depend on a lot of factors, even if the buyer has already chosen the exact product or service they know they are going to buy. Do you have good reviews on certain sites, but negative reviews on others? This could be one reason to push your amazon listing over eBay for example. If the buyer does not feel confident purchasing from the page they are displayed, this can be another issue. Some online shoppers only buy from big name websites, if you only sell from your own WordPress site, this could be an issue. If you don’t make coupons available, this can be another stumbling stone, share them often and to all you can, many people are simply bargain hunters and you want them to buy while they are excited about buying.

When a buyer is ready to buy, you can get fast sales if you are marketing at this stage correctly. Do not forget that you need to make the purchasing process easy and continue to add to the confidence that the buyer has made the right decision at this stage. Re-assure any positive benefits and take away any final hesitations and you will sell!

Note: This is where you focus on the right price (including incentives like coupons) and the right marketplace to display your items or services.

And What Do I Do Next?

Well, if you have the time and resources to start piecing the puzzle together. It is really time that you sit down and figure out your customer avatar. This is a slow process, where you think about what your buyer eats, drinks, plays and where they live. Every detail you can add the better. Once you have done this, you can start building a mind map and content, digital downloads and products around each of the different purchasing stages above to create a sales funnel that will really kick ass.

On the other hand, if you need some assistance, hit the contact button at the top right of this page and see how we can help you create the sales funnel that is right for your business.

I am not greedy and you know what, I really am here to help my clients so I wanted to share a couple of resources that will help you further your knowledge on this topic. Check out the short list below to get more in depth info on how these phases can work for your company or online endeavor. So here we go with the link love.

Resource Links:


Please leave any comments and questions you may have about what we have discussed here below. I love to hear from my readers and help elaborate on any points that I have not made clear.

DIY Link Building Help For 2013

Link building is probably one of the most integral parts of any SEO campaign, with a close runner up being social media. Look, you don’t want to go build spam links everywhere, that is what the guys selling software that does just that will tell you. However, the real deal links are earned. Links people create on their own blogs and web properties, because they found some very remarkable content on your site. This word of mouth advertising done through links is just like finding a hidden gold mine. However, there are some times where putting an article out and building some social links to it are very acceptable. The truth is that there is no “perfect” answer to link building as the rules are always changing.

Not often do we really like to discuss the secret sauce of our marketing efforts, as we are results driven company. However, if you are not ready to take on professional assistance in your online reputation management, but you still need some direction this is the post you have been waiting for.

Below, you will find a direct download link that will take you to the link building cheat sheet that can give you some very solid direction, no matter what type of service or product you are promoting. The concept here is to diversify your link portfolio and the guide gives some great suggestions and proportions to different link sectors, so to speak.


We hope you enjoy the download and don’t forget to comment below,

To Success,

Nick Simpson