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Wish your Facebook page had more facebook likes? Every business is looking for a way to get more bang for the buck. When a company starts to build their brand on Facebook, it can be a slow process to get facebook likes on your page and grow your initial following until you hit the critical mass that it takes to start growing organically without paid content. There are many features that are locked to Facebook business pages until they hit certain “Like” counts and of course the larger the page following the bigger the audience is that will see your posts without paying to boost posts or other types of paid promotion. In this post, I am going to tell you a secret to help you get more facebook likes for free!

The methods we discuss in this post to get more facebook likes are actual tactics we utilize to build a crazy page following for our customers who use our social media management services. We are glad to pull the curtains back and share what we can to help any business owner who prefers to maintain their brand and reputation management in house. Please feel free to comment at the end with any questions you may have and our team will try to address them.

First Lets Talk About Creating Viral Traffic On Facebook

Create Viral Facebook Posts - Get More Facebook Likes For Free
Create Your Own Viral Posts For More Facebook Likes

If you have an active Facebook page and your posts frequently get many shares and likes, you can skip this step. The method described below could help boost engagement on any Facebook page but is necessary for pages that are new or do not have high engagement rates already.

There really is no magic bullet when it comes to creating a viral post. I mean, after all, many of the most popular viral posts on social media are animals doing something stupid. How do you grow your business with that? Well, you don’t. You can always go find popular posts on different sites and share them back on Facebook, this is a very time-consuming method. You can keep shooting from the hip until you find a winner. Again not really suggested.

The content does not have to have thousands of shares and likes to work with this secret way to get more Facebook likes for free, but the more popular it is, the better results you will be sure to get. In effect we are going to “borrow” some trust from a post we generate to make it highly enticing to a visitor to like your facebook page, even if they don’t know your company name!

Proven Method To Create Your Own Viral Content (step 1 to getting more facebook likes):

  • Setup a few free Google Alerts. ( https://www.google.com/alerts )
  • Use tags or searches that are about your business or industry, go wide and narrow in scope, it’s free so play around to find the best content.
  • This will give you a daily email of highly popular content surrounding your niche.
  • You want to focus on things that strike an emotion in the content in these emails. Something that is new, something that will change in your industry soon or a shocking or heartfelt story. Emotional stories are the ones people want to share with their friends or like so people think they are behind the same idea or connected to it in some way. This is what you really need to make a go of this and really pull in huge amounts of facebook likes.
  • Share some posts linking to the winning content you find in your Google Alert emails.
  • Make sure the post has great images. People are very visual and great images will stop them from scrolling.
  • Say something awesome about it and make sure you are not trying to promote yourself, but the content instead.
  • For killer branding, use a pro tool like Replug.io to put your company branding on the webpages you share, even if you don’t own the websites!
  • Now you just watch to see which posts start to get traction with your existing followers.
  • So at this point, you hopefully are getting lots of shares and some new facebook likes on your post.
  • When we do this for client we usually take this one step further by putting small ad budget behind the post like $20 spread over 10 days, not required, but will drive some real-world results and many more facebook likes to the post.
  • For maximum results boost the post that is getting the most attention, target it to “Followers and their friends” and you are off to the races. This will produce plenty of likes and shares because you have already proven the results with this audience.

Let The Magic Begin & Maybe A Facebook Marketing Secret?

This may be more common knowledge than I think. However, if you are not doing this, you will soon have an “Aha” moment for sure when it comes to getting bonus Facebook likes with very little effort. Now that you have a post getting real attention, it is time to not just look at the likes and shares, but see how we can gain something of value for our efforts. To do this start by finding your best post, looking down at the bottom where the like count is, and clicking on it. When you click the like count, you will see a window pop up, it shows everybody who liked your post. Now, if they have not also liked your facebook page, there is a button there to allow you to invite them. If your post is on target, when you invite these folks, you should be getting a fair share of page likes from the soon to be loyal fans.

For some, this may be enough. You now have a great layout to forge a post that is likely to draw attention and get some good engagement and a way to turn that engagement into real followers who are very interested in what you have to share. However, if you do this right, you will soon notice how painful it is to keep up with sending out these “Facebook likes: invitations. That is right where this amazing little FREE tool comes into play. You don’t have to scroll and click your way to success here. Let this free tool do the heavy lifting for you.

Grab This Free Tool & Get More Facebook Likes For Free

Sorry to be so long-winded, we are finally getting to the actual free tool that is going to help you get more facebook likes for free. This tool installs as an extension on the Chrome web browser. So go grab Chrome for free if you aren’t already using it, then follow click below to go to the Chrome Web Store to add the facebook likes inviter for free.

This tool is really straight forward and easy to use. When you have the list of people who like your post open, just click its icon at the top right of chrome to start it. Make sure to read the directions and do not use facebook while it is running just to be safe. This tool can go through thousands of people liking your post, invite those who do not already like your page and it does it all completely hands-free.

What If I Don’t Have Any Facebook Followers At All?

In this case, you certainly need to send off an invite to your business page to all of your friends on Facebook to start. This should produce some instant likes to get the ball rolling, so to speak. Next, if you join some Facebook groups of like-minded people (paying attention to all the group’s rules) you may be able to send a direct message to members or even post in the group asking people to help you out by following your new page.

Running a paid Facebook ad can get your page likes. However, from our experience, this can be a very expensive endeavor if you are starting from zero. People like to like pages that others already have. Not many people are excited about following a page that has 3 followers unless you are making a generous and ethical bribe of some sort. So for new page facebook likes, you may want to come up with something out of the box and give your target audience a reason to fall in love with your business.

Need Help Growing Your Facebook Following or Getting More Facebook Likes?

We are always here to help. Free free to reach out to us using the contact form below. We would love to have an opportunity to help you expand your social reach and grow your online brand on Facebook and start getting more facebook likes!

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