Easy Guide To Professional Copywriting Infographic

We know that some people do not want to outsource everything that it will take to get their web presence up and going. Copywriting is not cheap, but there are some darn good reasons to pay for somebody else’s expertise when it comes to writing web copy. The biggest reason is that you may not be a good writer. If you have been posting articles all over the web and you can’t get a clickthrough back to your main website from them, then it may be time to let somebody else take the steering wheel.

On the other hand, nobody does anything perfectly the first time they try. Copy writing is the same, it takes some practice and some guidance to become better. This is why we have shared this cool infographic today. If you are looking for some pointers to get your point across, just keep scrolling down and we promise you will find the answers you are looking for.


Image generously shared by : ABC Copywriting

As always thanks for reading our blog and we would be glad to help you find the right direction for your next online marketing project and yes, we can even help with copywriting!

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Social Marketing Solutions

Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing is one of the newest and largest online marketing focal points for business today. Everybody should already have their own presence on Facebook, Twitter and other huge social sites; but that is not always the case. As many aspects of online marketing, the rules, options and features of profile pages, fan pages and more are constantly changing. This is one area that NS Technologies excels. We are proud to offer many years of experience in social media marketing and offer full gambit of services that will allow you to make the most of your social presence and give your customers a reason to want to interact with your various social web properties.

Why Outsource Social Media Marketing?

There are many reasons that it really makes good business since to outsource this type of work. In fact, many of the largest companies in the world are happy to outsource their social media marketing efforts to professionals because they simply do not have time to keep up with all the micro-management needed to produce an effective social media campaign. For smaller companies, this makes since because the learning curve of producing results with online marketing can be huge. No matter how big or small your company is, our specialists can help you get the results you need and work within the constraints of your marketing budget.

How Can We Track Our Marketing Success On Social Media Sites?

There are many different metrics that can be used to track the success of marketing efforts. Using landing page conversions or click through results to your home page is one way. Sometimes just looking at your growing followers or fans is enough information to see the direction of a campaign. When we start working with your company, we can always discuss the types of results you are looking for and put tracking capabilities in place to assure complete transparency and accountability in all that we do.

What Social Marketing Services Does NS Technologies Offer?

We offer a wide range of services and are currently proud to offer a huge amount of Facebook marketing options. There are many social media sites that can produce a huge amount of traffic, interest and sales. We have found that many of our customers are most interested in Facebook, because many of the existing customer base and prospects already reside on this popular social media property. We offer everything from fan page design, to like gates, contests and more. Contact us today to see what we can do to help move your business forward!

How To Get US Traffic To Your Web Site

This is a question that I ran across on a Google+ community and it really got me to thinking more about it. In all actuality, I have never really thought about this in the past, because I am in the US and most organic traffic that is going to my web properties is from the United States, so this issue has never confronted me before. However, now that it is on my mind, I have spent a few minutes to put together some information to help on this G+ SEO Thread and any others who are struggling with the same issues. Actually if you put forward some consistent effort it should not be hard to turn your traffic to laser focused visits in no time at all.

I hope you find the information listed below to be both helpful and intuitive. If you do have any questions or comments about the information shared I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section at the bottom of the page. I also would love for you to share, like, + or tell others about this information as I love to help others achieve their online goals and I think there is some very valuable information within.

Why Would You Want To Focus On Visitors From The United States?

This is a no brainer to those who already looking, but for others it may be a weird question initially. The most common reason people are hunting for U.S. traffic is that they have advertisers who are targeting this demographic. Many CPA offers only pay if the web forms are filled out by US residents and this means traffic from the good old U S of A means cash in your pocket. If you have a site that is directed toward this region, you simply must have traffic from the same area or the content is not relevant. No matter why you want the traffic from this country there are some easy ways to assure you get more.

Why Some Sites May Get More Traffic From India or Other Countries

It is no secret that India, Pakastan and some other countries are full of online spammers and those looking to create bulk automated junk links on your site. If you accept comments on posts or any other way for people to get a link, like profiles, you will get lots of crazy traffic from these regions. These link spammers run tools that scrape the internet and in fact they may want a link on your site, for the same reason you are reading this article!

Another reason many people may see traffic from various countries is if your server is hosted in a country rather than the USA. If your content is based around topics that are not geographically located in the United States of America, this is yet another reason you may see traffic from countries other than the United States. Now, if you don’t fall into any of these categories, then keep reading because we are going to discuss some other factors that you can fix to get the traffic you are looking for.

How To Get Traffic From United States Visitors

  1. Google Webmaster Tools – Go to your Google webmaster tools account and set your preferred geographic location to the US.
  2. Local Search Engines – Find search engines that are small but only list USA content and get listed.
  3. Use Local Listing On Huge Sites – Google Places, Bing Local and Yahoo! Local all offer listing for local and geo-targeted sites, businesses and organization, so make sure to utilize these resources.
  4. Classified Sites – Yep, there are thousands of classified sites and many are local or at least allow you to choose a local demographic to be listed under. These listings do send signals to the big boys of search and can make a big impact if utilized properly.
  5. Citations Can Help – Get bloggers or other online writers to cite your work and your location of course!
  6. Forums, Bulletin Boards and Communities – Join, setup your profile and add your link; but most importantly interact with the groups!
  7. Get a Server In The US – This is a no brainer, why does Google think my website is in Japan, well it could be because that is where your web site is! If you need a cheap US host, just use the contact form above and I can get you setup fast and easy.
  8. Targeted Backlinks – Yep, getting links from country specific sites of any kind can be a good idea too. You must only go for quality links, remember spam links may actually lead to de-indexation by Google so don’t get caught trying to be a black hat here.

I hope the information I shared here today is helpful and that it is put into action so you can start seeing the results you are looking for soon.

To your success,

Author Nick Simpson

5 Steps To Online Marketing Success Infographic Guide

There are lots of master systems out there. In fact, everybody has their own idea of what the real secret sauce behind Google page one results. Our agency uses a customized marketing plan depending on what your clients needs are. However, this sounds like a solid plan for do it yourself seo and online marketers that are looking to give their business a boost in rankings and find new customers. Take a look at this cool SEO InfoGraphics to see how a system can move your business forward.

We look forward to seeing your online business succeed and hope to see you in our showcase site list soon. Looking forward to your thoughts and comments below.

5 Steps To Online Marketing Success Author Nick Simpson

I personally hope the information shared here helps you get a new perspective on how simple a working marketing plan can be and how some online assets can work in tandem. This graphic outlines some of the most common and effective marketing strategies out there. Of course there are many more dynamics that come into play, but this is great “quick and dirty” marketing layout that really can produce some amazing results when implemented correctly.


To your continued success,

Author and Owner Nick Simpson